Am/Can.Ch. Taolan Frostflyer 5039 10/11/1982 PU326003 CAN
Am/Can.Ch. Taolan Tundra Nordic WlfGrWh 9/20/1987 WP40568201 03/99
Am/Can.Ch. Taolan Taliesin Shenoa ROM GrWh 6/19/1984 RL438904 CAN
Am/CanBIS.Ch. Taolan Traces of the Cat WlfGrWh 12/14/1996 FY418327 05/99
BIS Am/Can.Ch. Taolan Arctic Cat WlfGrWh 11/12/1986 WG094000 03/89
Taolan Fancy That SlWh 6/26/1992 WP42331801
Am/Can. Ch. Taolan Snoklassic Off The Wall WlfGrWh 12/17/1989 WG503504 12/92
Am/Can.Ch. North Face Sno Klassic Glory Days SblWh 5/2/2004 WS08617504 07/06
Ch. Nanukes Lockport Louie ROM GrWh 4/17/1993 WP47952806 04/96
Ch. Oakiok's Final Answer SlWh 2/3/2000 WP95882502 09/01
Ch. Oakiok's Rock A Bye Baby ROM SlWh 6/1/1995 WP63406101 11/98
Ch. North Face Don't Tread On Me SblWh 6/13/2001 WR03083801 09/04
BISS Am/Can.Ch. Sno Klassic We Will Rock You SlWh 3/30/1993 WP47557304 10/94
Ch. GGM Take The North Face GrWh 11/3/1998 WP88294514 09/01
Ch. Nanukes Knock Your Socks Off GrWh 4/17/1993 WP47952803 12/96
Bearhug's Artic Bob Cat (D) WlfSblWh 5/27/2007 TJ189164 CAN
Ch. Nanukes Lockport Louie ROM GrWh 4/17/1993 WP47952806 04/96
BISS Am/Can.Ch. Sno Klassic Above The Rim ROM GrWh 10/17/1996 WP74459102 05/98
Sno Klassic Chenega Kaniksu BlkWh 3/30/1993 WP47557302 03/96
Moonsong High Roller of Wolfdance 3/24/1998 WP85349001
Ch. Nanuke's Colour Me Happy ROM WlfGrWh 2/16/1991 WP33965901 02/93
Ch. Moon Song's Driving Me Crazy ROM GrWh 11/11/1992 WP45422101 04/96
Ch. Nanuke's Driving Ms Daisey ROM WlfGrWh 11/6/1990 WP32182701 04/93
Can.Ch. Bearhug's All About Eve WlfGrWh 4/22/2001 LG776176 CAN
Ch. Champaign California Cooler ROM WlfGrWh 3/12/1987 WF999205 04/89
Ch. Vi'Taurus The Gray Knight WlfGrWh 9/29/1990 WP31910201 11/94
Nantuck's Windsong of Ajax BlkWh 5/9/1983 WF614964 08/85
Can.Ch. Bearhug's Windrunner Wilhemina WlfGrWh 11/3/1996 FW426143 CAN
Am/Can.Ch. Win-Kre's Five Card Draw WlfGrWh 12/17/1986 WF951722
Am/Can.Ch. Bearhug's Justice of the Peace WTD GrWh 11/6/1990 WP51666901 07/94
Bearhug Alexis WlfGrWh 2/17/1986 TC560080 CAN
Alaskan Malamute Registry Dated - 7/15/2012