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Working Dog Register of Merit (ROM)

Working Dog Register of Merit (ROM)

The current Working Dog ROM list is contained in an Excel spreadsheet with tabs as follows:

  • “alpha”: alphabetical list of every dog that has received a working title through the AMCA; columns indicate the dog’s info, owner’s name, sire and dam info, and the number of the appropriate working title certificate(s) issued.
  • “sires”: alphabetical list of the sires of dogs that have received working titles through the AMCA; allows the viewer to see how many dogs contributed to a working ROM for any given sire (or how many may still be needed); color-coded to indicate ROM-WD, ROM-WDA, ROM-WDX (color code key is at bottom of the worksheet); scroll to the far right to see the date that the certificate was issued (if requested).
  • “dams”: same as sires above, except for dams.
  • “Sires ROM List”: alphabetical list of ONLY the sires that have actually earned a working ROM title; rest of info is as listed for “sires” tab.
  • “Dams ROM List”: same as Sires ROM List above, except for dams.

If you are the owner of a sire or dam who qualifies for a Working ROM, and you are a current AMCA member in good standing, then you may request a Working ROM certificate by contacting Leesa Thomas and specifying the registered name of the dog for which you would like the certificate. Be sure to include all titles that you would like included on the certificate, as well as a valid mailing address. These certificates are free of charge to AMCA members.

The Excel file is also available in PDF form, broken down by sires and dams. Due to space restrictions, not all of the information could be included in these files (e.g., owner, registration organization). The color key code is included at the bottom of each document; this indicates the sire or dam that has earned the ROM title and what level of award.

The Working titles database information is listed on the Working Dog Certificates page.