Updated December 16, 2014

Here are links to articles published in past issues of the award-winning AMCA newsletter. For reprint permission and print quality versions of these articles, contact the Newsletter Articles Coordinator, Holly Levinter, at hlev@rogers.com.

Breakthroughs in Health

Polyneuropathy – Pathway to Progress Read more about this topic on the health page


Health Matters Articles


Health Matters – Cataracts and Day BlindnessRead more about this topic on the Health page
Health Matters – Perspectives on PolyneuropathyRead more about this topic on the Health page
Health Matters – Making Progress on PolyneuropathyRead more about this topic on the Health page
Health Matters – Controlling Epilepsy
Dr Jerold Bell recommends reading this article before his seminar on genetic health:Health Matters – Removing the Stigma of Genetic Disease
Dr Jerold Bell recommends reading this article before his seminar on genetic health:Health Matters-Strategies to Manage Genetic Disorders
Dr Jerold Bell recommends reading this article before his seminar on genetic health:Health Matters – Pedigree Analysis-Genetic Diversity-Genetic Disease ControlThe AKC Gazette published an article by Dr. Jerold Bell regarding breeding practices.  Their permission has been granted to publish a link to the article on the AMCA website.  You can find the article here:  http://clubs.akc.org/wtca/health/health_bell_4.pdf  
Health Matters – Protecting Pets from Poisons in the Yard and Garden
 Health Matters – Bone Cancer
 Health Matters – Future Trends in Canine Reproduction

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