Updated 11/11/2016

President  – Pam Fusco

Vice-President -  Jan Croft

Treasurer – Shari James

Recording Secretary – Jo Ann Krause

Corresponding-Membership Secretary – Stacey Moore

Board Members: Joyce Delay

Wendy Willhauck

Karyn Coleman 

Bonnie Howen

Amy Novak

Board Job Descriptions

President: –“Enforce a strict observance of the Constitution and Bylaws.” Bylaws ART II Sec2 –Enforce observance of all Standing Rules –Preside at all Annual Meetings –Moderate Board discussions –Communicate with membership frequently on matters of general interest –Proof club ballots, budgets, schedules for accuracy –Proof each Newsletter, web addition and club form prior to publication –Act as liaison to designated committees

Vice-president: –Coordinate and manage all AMCA-licensed shows –Prepare and submit all AKC show applications using AMCA’s AKC license –Provide guidance for show committee activities –Serve as liaison between AMCA and AKC regarding all AMCA events –Prepare yearly Regional/National Specialty Judge Selection Poll material –Submit monthly calendar of events in the Newsletter –Serve as coordinator for National Specialty site selection –Prepare annual Statement of Compliance to AKC which quantifies AMCA’s eligibility requirement to hold future dog show events. –Participate in all Board discussions –Act as liaison to designated committees

Treasurer: –Receive all club funds, pay all club bills –Maintain complete and accurate financial records –Submit monthly reports in the Newsletter –Present a complete annual budget at the Annual Meeting –Obtain an independent professional review in even years –Participate in all Board discussions –Act as liaison to designated committees

Recording Secretary: –Keep the official formal record [minutes] of all Board and membership meetings –Submit monthly reports in the Newsletter –Participate in all Board discussions –Act as liaison to designated committees

Corresponding Secretary: –Format, update and provide the monthly/quarterly and annual membership lists for the Newsletter, web site, Awards Committees, Membership Directory, email bulletins, Annual Meeting roster and annual balloting. –Receive and record all membership applications and renewals –Manage membership applicant approval process for the Board –Supply the VP with the list of those applying to judge National/Regional Sweeps. –Receive and respond to all general correspondence. –Submit monthly reports in the Newsletter –Participate in all Board discussions –Act as liaison to designated committees

Directors at Large:–Participate in all Board discussions –Act as liaison to designated committees –Other duties as assigned

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