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Polyneuropathy DNA Test

Polyneuropathy DNA Test

Polyneuropathy Database

The DNA test for Polyneuropathy is now available through the University of Minnesota. Information about the background and information available through this test is available click here.

You may download the test forms from the U of MN website  and purchase cheek swabs (blood, semen, and dew claws can also be used for testing purposes, please see instructions on the U of MN submission form).

Alternatively, the Health Committee has prepared DNA collection kits which are available for the nominal price of $5 per dog. If you would like a kit, please send your name, address, phone number, and the number of kits to Sandi Shrager.

You may email Sandi this information. Kits will be mailed once payment is received.

or by check at Sandi’s address:

Sandi Shrager
PO Box 25111
Seattle, WA 98165

Other testing laboratories:

UC Davis

University of Copenhagen

Genoscoper, Finland

Lablokin, Europe

You will need to pay overseas postage which includes for most US residents filling out a customs form–under description simply state “cheek swabs” with no monetary value. If you have access to DNA swabs, two DNA cheek swabs per dog must be submitted to the laboratory along with identifying information.

Please use the instruction sheet, click here for PN DNA Collection Instructions  to collect the cheek DNA swabs, and fill out completely the form click here for the Polyneuropathy Canine DNA Sample Collection Form.

Cheek swabs should be enclosed in a separate envelope PER DOG with identifying information on the envelope of dog’s name, registration number, tattoo/microchip number, and owner name/address/email address.

Results and billing occur through email so correct identifying information and email address are critical. With any questions, please contact Sandi Shrager by email.