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Top 20

Top 20
Top 20

Top 20 Rules — March 2019

2019 Top Twenty Breeder Judge Contract

This Event offers a unique opportunity to honor the top Malamutes in the country in the same place at the same time. Unlike the usual Best of Breed judging, this event presents each Malamute to 5 judges who will evaluate the entrant using a scale of points. They are not judged against each other, but rather each against the Breed Standard. The highest and lowest score are tossed out to make all judging fair. The procedure used will offer spectators more time to study each Malamute than would be available in the normal judging procedure. If you are interested in being a future Top 2o breeder judge please fill out the breeder contract and send it to Barbara White or Barbara Salvedore. 

If you have questions contact, Barb Salvadore or Barbara White, co-chairs.

Current Top Twenty

Standings through December 31, 2021


Rank The Top 20 Points   Owner
1 GCH Onak’Stouch Of Gold(D) 399   J corr/R Caprio/W Corr

CH Toolik’s Grand Illusion for Nyrakym (B)

192   K Colman/J Nirhamo
3 GCH Silverice Taolanquest Cocktails In The Clouds (B) 168   A Syar/M Stone
4 GCH Tru North’s Violet Flame (B) 167   L Cathey
5 GCH Tru North’s Shogun (D) 162   L Cathey
6 GCH Taolanquest Flying Cloud (D) 155   A syar/L Newburn/M Stone/R Pohl
7 GCH Vykon’s Saucin’ I Do This Often-A’Mahya (B)*** 149   M Sage
8 GCH Spiritrun’s Cool Ride (B) 142   J Remazki/E Remazki/A Syar
9 GCH Sno Ridge’s Ty On Another Wild Won (D) 136   C Kinnas Hocking/V Browne/E Kinnas
10 GCH Shekinah’s I Set Fire To The Reign (B) 105   J Clement/J Van Zandt
11 GCH Silverice’s Jager Bomb (D) 102   A Syar/M Stone
12 GCH Tobruk’s Kalamals Southern Enchantress (B) 100   S James
13 GCH Vykon’s I got Chills (D) 88   V Jones
14 GCH Shekinah Head & Tail Above The Rest (D) 87   J Van Zandt 
15 GCH Adair’N’Hug Rythm and Blues (D) 84   R Hug/J Hug
16 GCH Terraglos Heres Lookn At You Kid (D) 83   G Toussaint/T Toussaint 
17 GCH Polaron’s Don’T Stop Believe N (D) 81   R Applegate/P Fusco/L Kellar
18 GCH Kasaan’s Patriot At Wolfmountain (D) 76   P Jenkins 
19 GCH Kumata’s Elevate Your Game (B) 74   J Dewing/R Dysart 
20 GCH Adair’N’Hug Ratchet Up (D) 54   J Hug/R Hug
The Contenders
Rank The Top 20 Points   Owner
20 GCH  Storm Sky’s Forever Etched In Time At Stormkloud (D) 54   S Czarapata/J El Dissi/J Gonzales
22 GCH Tru North’s Buckaroo Banzai (D) 51   L Cathey 
23 GCH Adair’N’Hug Fair Winds And Following Seas (D) 48   C Hess
24 GCH Bad Axe Wild Chevy 2 (B) 45   L Missana/J Missana/J Wild
25 GCH Catanyas Good Gracious Bodacious (B) 43   P Harrison/D Roberts/K Hukill/A Syar
25 GCH Hallstatt Sweater Weather From San Juan (D) 43   L Maffei 

NOTE:  Any Malamute who does not have at least one owner that is an AMCA member is marked with a *** next to their name.