Updated October 20, 2016 Please contact Amy Novak with questions or corrections!  For help in understanding how points are calculated, please CLICK HERE

Quarter 2 Rally 2016
1 Peace River’s Dream Girl At Hallstatt 16 L Maffei / M Coburn PNW
2 Masasyu’s Magical Winterfell Sakari 11 R Ellis NE
3 Powderhound’s Over And Over Again 10 J Effler-Leveille IL/WI
4 Adair’N' Hug Suka De Luna Luz 9 J Prevel RM
5 Adair’N'Hug Favor’s Mark 8 J Prevel / R Hug / J Hug RM
tie Granite’s Starfire Of Arctic Mist 8 J Gumtow NY/NJ
7 Snocreek American Spirit Of Ken-Dar 6 D Puhatch / B Martin ME
tie Illusion-Sno Shire’s Astro-Dynamic 6 C Watts / D Watts GL
9 Kaviak’s Tarnish Back In The Game 4 B Dreer GL
10 Adair’N'Hug Fair Winds And Following Seas 1 C Hess / R Hug / J Hug RM
1 Canamarok’s Angel’s Taizen 67 L Maffei / N Snyder PNW
2 Mountain Home’s Powder Hound 53 M Mead / L McDonald PNW
3 Awanuna’s Bragi Of Aesir 36 S Anderson / M Anderson NY/NJ
4 Powderhound’s Silver Lining 17 J Effler-Leveille IL/WI
tie Arcticdawn’s Midnight Sun 17 R Hinman GL
6 Canusa’s R Man Flint 14 J Telling / J Telling WC
7 Sno Shire’s Winsome Wind 12 D Bauman / J Bauman GL
8 Nanuke’s Keep The Flame Burning 7 S Robinson NY/NJ
9 Snobuc’s The Spy Who Loves Me 4 M. Dinwoodie/R. Dinwoodie/K.Congilosi NY/NJ
tie Banshee’s Oh My Darling 4 B Lemon / V Thawley ME
tie Northpaw’s Power Plays 4 V Thawley ME
1 Canamarok’s Angel’s Taizen 59 L Maffei / N Snyder PNW
2 Mountain Home’s Powder Hound 50 L McDonald / M Mead PNW
3 Awanuna’s Bragi of Aesir 30 S Anderson / M Anderson NY/NJ
4 Powderhound’s Silver Lining 11 J Effler-Leveille IL/WI
5 Arcticdawn’s Midnight Sun 7 R Hinman GL

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