Updated May 21, 2014 The Performance Committee (Amy Novak, Laura Heft, Wendy Corr and Karina Burger) are VERY excited about these new updates to the Register of Merit program. There will now be four ROMs for Performance venues: the ROM-OB for obedience, which will remain unchanged; a ROM-RAL for Rally, a ROM-AG for Agility and a ROM-PERF for performance that encompasses all three venues. The number of offspring for these ROMs will be the same as the ROM-OB and ROM-WD (Working Dog) have been for years; a sire must have five appropriately titled progeny to be eligible for their ROM and a dam must have four appropriately titled progeny to be eligible for their ROM. As previously stated, the ROM-OB will not be changed and the requirements are still for the offspring to have a CD title or greater. The ROM-RAL will require the offspring to have an RA (Rally Advanced) title or greater. The ROM-AG will require the offspring to have a minimum of either one Open level title in regular classes (Standard and/or Jumpers with Weaves) OR two Novice level titles in regular classes (Standard and Jumpers with Weaves). There will be no differentiation between dogs competing in regular height or preferred height. The ROM-PERF will require the offspring to have a combination of any of those minimum requirements. However, each dog may only count once toward the ROM-PERF. For example, if a dog has both an RA and a CD, it will only count once toward the ROM-PERF. But if a dam had two puppies with RA titles, one with a CD and one with an OAJ, she would be eligible for the ROM-PERF. We have tried to keep the requirements and level of difficulty consistent among all venues. We hope that these changes will encourage more participation in performance events and will bring more recognition to deserving sires and dams. We sincerely thank the Board of Directors for approving these changes and allowing performance events to be further recognized. People who believe their dogs or bitches have met the criteria should contact Muriel Dean at mfdean1@comcast.net for verification and your certificate. As has been the case for the ROM-OB, members are responsible for notifying us if/when your dogs become eligible. For any questions on these new ROMs please contact Amy Novak at howserbowser@hotmail.com.

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