AMCA Futurity & Maturity

Chair: Beatrice Bursten

Send all nomination forms to:

Beatrice Bursten
c/o BDB Property Mgmt
P.O. Box 34233
Indianapolis, IN 46234
Call/text – (317) 407-2255


AMCA FUTURITY STAKES RULE_2021  (Revised May 14, 2021)

Confused about eligibility and fees (nomination & late fees)?

Futurity Information Sheet 2021-2022 might help answer your questions.

Upcoming Futurity Events & Eligibility Dates

2021–Gettysburg, PA, Event date: October 14, 2021, Eligibility: Litters Whelped 04/23/2020 – 04/14/2021

2022- Colorado Springs, CO,  Event Date: November 10, 2022 Eligibility: Litters Whelped 04/15/2021 – 5/10/2022




All forms can be downloaded from the website, filled in on your computer and either mailed to the address above with your payment OR submitted electronically to beatrice.bursten@gmail.com . NOMINATIONS ARE NOT ACCEPTED UNTIL PAYMENT IS RECEIVED. For any entry coming from outside of the United States, checks/money orders must be drawn from a U.S. based bank.