Updated September 5, 2018

AMCA Futurity & Maturity

Co-Chairs: Kristin Morrison & Andrea Casterline


Send all nomination forms to:

Kristin Morrison
30 Kidder Brook Rd
Ashford, CT 06278
Phone: 860.803.0639 kristinlmorrison@gmail.com

Futurity and Maturity Rules (Revised 7/4/13)

Confused about eligibility and fees (nomination & late fees)?

Futurity Information Sheet might help answer your questions.


Upcoming Futurity Events & Eligibility Dates
2018 – Orlando, FL Event Date 11/1/2018      Eligibility: Litters whelped between April 27, 2017 and May 1, 2018
2019--Topeka, KS Event Date 10/31/2019  Eligibility:  Litters whelped between May 2, 2018 and April 30, 2019


2018/19 Futurity Bitch Nomination

2018/19 Futurity Litter Nomination

2018/19  Futurity Individual puppy nomination


All forms can be downloaded from the website, filled in on your computer and either mailed to the address above with your payment OR submitted electronically to kristinlmorrison@gmail.com. Electronic submissions can be paid for using PayPal. An invoice will be sent and must be paid within 5 days of invoice date. Transaction fees will apply to all PayPal payments. NOMINATIONS ARE NOT ACCEPTED UNTIL PAYMENT IS RECEIVED.  

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