Updated March 17, 2016 AMCA Calendar of Events AMCA Specialties & Affiliated Club Specialty Events


AMCA AKC Licensed Event Descriptions

Prepared by AMCA VP, Ruth Levesque, Nov. 2011

As an AKC Licensed Parent Club, AMCA is allowed to sponsor several different types of conformation events for exhibitors to participate in.  Below you will find a brief description of these events. Parent/Local Specialties:  These specialty shows are restricted to Alaskan Malamutes only and can only be sponsored by AMCA or other AKC Licensed AMCA Affiliate Clubs.  These events are typically held independently or clustered with other breed clubs. The primary events that AMCA sponsors each year are the National Specialty and associated Regional Specialty.  This premier event rotates throughout the US on a six year rotation; for example:

2013       Central Area (to be held in Oconomowoc, WI)  2016       Rocky Mountain Area
2014       West Coast Area (to be held in San Diego CA)  2017       Great Lakes
2015       Northeast Area  2018       South

The Regional & National specialties are typically held in late October each year.  These events encompass a week long “convention type” of event and have entries in the 100’s.  In addition to regular AKC conformation competition; obedience, rally, agility trials are held.  This is AMCA’s premier event of the year for our membership.  Mid week, AMCA holds their Annual Membership meeting which is the only face to face BOD & membership meeting held each year.  Other types of competition events are also only held at this yearly event.  These include the Top Twenty, Working Dog Showcase, Futurity/Maturity stakes, Weight Pulls and a celebration of our dearly treasured rescued malamutes in a special parade in their honor.  These events draw exhibitors from around the world each year. In addition to the yearly National and Regional Specialties, several AMCA areas and Affiliate Clubs hold Local Independent Specialties. AKC offers several options for these types of events whereby two specialty events may even be held on the same day.  These include:

  • Evening Specialties: Effective January 1, 2007, evening specialties of no more than fifty entries will be permitted following all-breed shows. Sweepstakes, special attractions or matches will not be approved in conjunction with evening events.
  •  Same Day Specialty Shows: Effective January 1, 2007, two independent specialty shows of the same breed of no more than one hundred entries each, inclusive of sweepstakes, special attractions or matches, may be permitted at the same location on the same day.
  • Concurrent Specialties: AKC approved a two-year trial program effective January 1, 2011 permitting specialties to be held concurrently with an all-breed show with the limitations as outlined in AMCA’s document entitled Policies for Multiple Events (separate attachment).

Designated Specialties: These specialty shows are typically held in-conjunction with an AKC all-breed club whereby the Alaskan Malamute classes at these shows are far more than a regular dog show event.  Trophies are offered and most events include some type of hospitality event to help build relationships between exhibitors and spectators.  Some designated specialty events also offer additional attractions such as parades or weight pulls. Supported Entry Events:  AMCA has seen an increased in requests for sponsored supported entry events at AKC all-breed shows.  Local AMCA members and Affiliate clubs may wish to help build majors in their area and this is an effective way of drawing entries.  Trophies are typically offered for the higher awards and in some cases the members pull together a hospitality event to welcome exhibitors.


AMCA has established a set of Standing Rules that apply to these events which need to be followed before AMCA approval is granted for any event.  Request for holding any type of specialty event using AMCA’s AKC license must be filed with AMCA’s Vice President who is responsible for overseeing all AMCA sponsored events.  All applications are reviewed for compliance to AKC and AMCA Standing Rules and AMCA’s VP proceeds to file the applications with AKC for approval. A listing of AMCA sponsored events is regularly published in the AMCA Newsletter and on this website.  This calendar of events provides up to date information for all AMCA event applications that have been filed with AKC.

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