Judges Education

Judges Education

The Judges Education program provides student judges the vital information needed to properly define and choose exhibits most closely representing the ideal set out in the Breed Standard. 

All seminars include any written materials provided by AMCA including the Illustrated Standard and the Power Point Presentation CD.  The CD can be purchased separately.  For information contact the JE Coordinator.

The program consists of a seminar component that offers a Power Point presentation.  The Power Point includes the history of the breed, a written commentary about each section of the official standard, photos of dogs of various styles considered to be good representatives of the breed and Malamutes at work and play. In addition the Workshop (Hands On) component allows students to go over various dogs giving them the chance to actually practice what they learned in the seminar. 

This practicum also provides the opportunity to evaluate a number of exhibits, place them as they would in a ring and articulate, in breed specific terms, why they placed as they did. Ringside mentoring is offered by AMCA approved mentors when requested at shows where no seminar is presented. Please click AMCA Mentor List for a list of mentors.

For information about our Judges Education program please contact: Roger Gifford 937-689-2679

Articles written by various Malamute breeders and/or judges are available at SHOW SIGHT ONLINE.

2022 National Specialty Judge’s Education
   November 3 in conjunction with the National Specialty in Estes Park, Colorado.  This includes the hands-on portion.  Please contact Roger Gifford to sign up!
Alaskan Malamutes will also be presented at the Advanced Judge’s Institute in Louisville, KY on March 19, 2022 as part of the Working Group Seminar.  Please email rennis57@verizon.net for more information.