Updated March 2, 2016 Here is the list of recipients of as recognized by the All Around Alaskan Malamute committee. You can learn more about these dogs on the Our Amazing Malamutes page, see Award Recipients.

 AAAM – All Around Alaskan Malamute

 Call Name Registered Name Owned By  Year Awarded
#1 Moochie Chinome’s Arctic Invader Sam Walden 1998
#2 Kwin Wencinja’s Out of the Kwestion Nichole Royer 2011
#3 Major Winterstarz Ursa Major Timothy O’Brien & Katherina D Burger 2012
#4 Howler Winterstarz Sun of Istari Timothy O’Brien & Katherina D Burger 2012
#5   Jacob Wind’s Fury Jacob Trailblazer Kate Salvadore, Barbara Salvadore, Tim Muldoon, Sheila Hjermstad 2012
#6 Atka Arcticdawn’s Guardian Spirit Raissa Hinman 2012
 #7    Ruffy  Luv Sno’s Dymnd N’ the Ruff  Jane Palinkas & Vicki Palinkas  2013
 #8    Sahara  SnoShire’s Sahara Snow Angel  Tammy Doukas  2013
 #9    Indiana  Halatsuu Indiana Snow Raider  Tammy Doukas  2013
 #10    Comet Tarnish’s Artic Streak  Leesa A Thomas & Rhyde P Thomas  2013
 #11    Penny Winterstarz Pleione of the Pleiades  Timothy O’Brien & Katherina D Berger  2013
 #12  Bumper Powderhound’s Silver Lining  Jennifer Effler-Leveille  2013
#13    Comet Modar’s Yule Pied Comet  Mary Swinyer  2014
#14  Monty  Sno Quest’s for the Holy Grail  Andrea & Matt Sautbine 2014
#15  Slate  Yukonjak’s Slate  Chris Hibner 2015
#16  Duece  Spiritrun’s Uppin’ the Ante  Colleen & Dave Belanger 2015
#17  Wes  Winterstarz Western Star  Timothy O’Brien & Katherina D Burger 2015
#18  Ruckus  Northpaw’s Arrakis of Winterstar Timothy O’Brien & Katherina D Burger 2015
#19  Ivy  Amaqqut On The Pull  Jennifer Effler-Leveille 2015
#20  Lucy  Powderhound’s Blaze of Glory Jennifer Effler-Leveille 2015


VAM –  Versatile Alaskan Malamute

Call Name Registered Name Owned By Year Awarded
#1 Buddy Belle’s Cool Holiday Special Charlene La Belle 1998
#2   Monty Malhaven’s Many Vistas Chris and Gordon Wellsandt 1998
#3 Zahra Tarnish’s Zahra Marcia Martin 1999
#4 Jacob Wind’s Fury Jacob Trailblazer Sheila Timbers-Hjermstad, Barb Salvadore, Nancy Russell, and Tim Muldoon 2010
#5 Sahara SnoShire’s Sahara Snow Angel Tammy Doukas 2012
#6 Indiana Halatsuu Indiana Snow Raider Tammy Doukas 2012
#7 Penny Winterstarz Pleione of the Pleaides Timothy O’Brien & Katherina D Burger 2012
#8 Madison Spiritrun’s Utter Madness Colleen and Dave Belanger 2012
#9 Deuce Spiritrun’s Uppin’ the Ante Colleen and Dave Belanger 2012
#10 Kisaka Cinneli Ice Road Kiss at Ayakulik Sara & James Barstow 2013
#11 Ikey  Powderhound’s The Ike-Man Cometh  Jennifer Effler-Leveille 2014
#12 Bumper  Powderhound’s Silver Lining  Jennifer Effler-Leveille 2014
#13 Monty  Sno Quest’s for the Holy Grail  Andrea & Matt Sautbine 2014
#14 Slate Yukonjak’s Slate Chris Hibner 2015
#15 Rhya Kasaan’s Yr Wish Is Granite Laura Heft 2015
#16 Lucy Powderhound’s Blaze of Glory Jennifer Effler-Leveille 2015
#17 Ivy Amaqqut On The Pull Jennifer Effler-Leveille 2015

SAM -  Serviceable Alaskan Malamute

Call Name Registered Name Owned By Year Awarded
#1   Monty Malhaven’s Many Vistas Chris and Gordon Wellsandt 1997first award ever given by the committeefirst dog given 2 awards by the committee – SAM#1 & VAM#2
#2 Crunch Hill Frost Keep on Dreaming John and Laura Swire 1999
#3   Madison Spiritrun’s Utter Madness Colleen & Dave Belanger and Jennifer Ramazki 2011
#4 Deuce Spiritrun’s Uppin’ the Ante Colleen and Dave Belanger 2011
#5 Slate Yukonjak’s Slate Chris Hibner 2011
#6 Indiana Halatsuu IndianaSnow Raider  Tammy Doukas 2011
#7 Sahara SnoShire’s Sahara Snow Angel Tammy Doukas 2011
#8 Karl Aluk Building a Dream Vicky Jones 2012
#9   Elliott Vykon’s License To Chill Vicky Jones 2012
#10   Ikkuma Halatsuu’s Raven Aflame Debbie Hunyada 2012
#11 Comet Modar’s Yule Pied Comet Mary Swinyer 2013
#12 Tag IR-Snowhollow Taggart Lake Ellen McKee 2013
#13 Glacier Tarnish’s Mountain Majestic Rhyde P Thomas & Leesa A Thomas 2013
#14 Lumi Kalamals Stairway To Heaven  Mojca Gregoric 2014
#15 Andi  Akaila’s Untamed Spirit  Dorrit & Michael Evensen 2014
#16 Will Vykon’s Back in Black Kim Manassa & Joe Wieczorek 2015
#17 Zayk DCMals Rebel Alliance  Kim Manassa & Joe Wieczorek 2015
#18 Thunder Storm Kloud’s Ooutburst Florence T. Robinson 2015
#19 Raider Northpaw’s Power Plays Valarie A. Thawley 2015
#20 Rhya Kasaan’s Yr Wish Is Granite Laura Heft 2015
#21   Tassi Granite Dealme A Stone Beauty Laura Heft 2015
#23   Jack GCH Ch Bad Axe You Don’t Know Jack CGC WWPD, WWPDA Joe & Leann Missana 2017



Committee Chair:Charlene G LaBelle
505 US Hwy 95A E
Yerington, NV 89447
(408)  489-4000(408)  489-4000
  To apply: send $20 (application fee in US $) and 3 copies of each document that shows meeting a qualification to the committee chair.  A written statement is needed for the Temperament requirement.  There are 3 levels in this program AAAM, VAM and SAM.  We are finding the use of an email message containing scans of the application works very well.  So if you wish to apply for a SAM, VAM or an AAAM, please >>email<< your application and snail mail 1 copy  with the $20 application fee if possible.


Conformation: A championship title (AKC, CKC, FCI, etc.) Obedience: A Companion Dog title (equivalent or better, Agility, Rally title) Sledding : A WTD or a WLD Weightpull: A WWPD Backpacking: A WPD

Temperament: This is a BIGGIE! Written verification by a neutral party of what the dog has done in public contact. Neutral party could be a club representative if the program was a local club program… could be a school teacher or principal from a school demonstration…could be an administrator from a nursing home…someone neutral, preferably official.
A Therapy Dog certificate, TT title, CGC title, etc., are not enough to fulfill this requirement, but if the dog has them, including them certainly wouldn’t hurt! Hands-on public contact experience is also a major ingredient in this requirement. Be sure to include all examples that apply and at least a rough estimate of the time spent at each. This is important. Miscellaneous: Optional (or possibly a replace for one of the FIRST five categories). A Tracking Dog certificate, or a verification of work in Herding, Search and Rescue, etc. IMPORTANT POINT! The Temperament requirement of these titles is never to be waived or traded off. It is a definite requirement for the All-Around Alaskan Malamute, the Versatility Malamute and the Serviceable Alaskan Malamute. VERSATILITY ALASKAN MALAMUTE (VAM) Requirements
For this title, any one of the FIRST five required categories for AAAM may be dropped in trade for advanced work in TWO of the others… OR…Progress can be shown in one category (ie, a majority of legs in obedience or working, or points in conformation) but not completion, and added to advanced work in another area. SERVICEABLE ALASKAN MALAMUTE (SAM) Requirements
Conformation: A championship title (AKC, CKC, FCI, etc.) Obedience: A Companion Dog title (equivalent or better, Agility, Rally title) Working: Any of the AMCA working titles Temperament: The same requirements as in AAAM and VAM
   title/cert   AAAM    VAM   SAM
Conformation       X       V       X
Obedience       X       V       X
Sledding       X       V       S
Weight Pulling       X       V       S
Backpacking       X       V       S
Temperament       X       X       X
X = must have
V =  any 4 plus advanced work in TWO marked “V”
S = “any” ONE

Please submit completed application packet prior to Sept 1 to be awarded at the current year’s National.  Effective 4-1-2011

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